The sunshine lured me down to the river for a post-work walk yesterday, fuelled by out of date Nairn's chocolate chip oat biscuits and Grimes. I'm still on a Grimes kick, and it cannot be helped.
Some days I wish I lived closer to work, so I could walk all the way home rather than just the couple of miles to the next village, or the few more to the town after that.
I did earn myself some genius points, though, by doing that thing where you get on the bus and ask for a single to <insert destination>. And the bus driver looks at you in a confused manner, hesitating as he thinks things through (because <insert destination> is an unfrequented stop, neither here nor there, just somewhere in the middle) before informing you that he's going the other way.
I blame the out of date biscuits.


  1. I wish it looked like that here!

    ....although I shall hopefully be improving how my surroundings look very soon, in my search for somewhere to live that is NOT in this part of NJ.

    "Unfrequented bus stop" here usually means somewhere in Newark, which means if you're getting off there on purpose you are involved in something extremely illegal, and if you get off there by accident, no one will ever find your body.

  2. Where aaaaaaaare you??? You haven't posted in ages!!

  3. ...I also meant you've been away from this blog too long. I miss your posts!! :*O

    1. Just saw this: I'm rubbish at replying! I think I'm in one of those wormholes where you half write something, then never finish it, or start something else...and never finish that. Hmm. I haven't left this blog-thing, though, but I think I'm having returning issues stemming from accidental blog abandonment. Maybe I just need to re-embrace it like ripping off a plaster... Huh. I need to catch up on blogs...I think you moved lately (as in literally, in the real three dimensional world)??
      p.s. you have no idea how much joy your little icon/profile thing brings to me. I loves it.