I hear Christmas is coming soon. In a fit of domesticated semi-festivity I made magenbrot. I don't know whether I was lured toward this recipe because I have a thing for gingerbread-y things (particularly those of Swiss or German origins), or because the name translates as stomach-bread and I find that amusing.
Me: "Look! Look! I made you some stomach-bread while you were out!"
Passer-by: *look of confusion with mild undertones of horror*

Either way, it's delicious. Recipe here.
And now the present wrapping commences, because despite finally discovering the knack to that mythical art of foraging for the odd gift here and there over the course of a few weeks rather than leaving it all until...today, I have yet to wrap any of them. There's just something about present wrapping and its time-consuming finickiness that frustrates me, and that is probably why I am writing about stomach-bread while giving the odd sideways glance towards a hoard of gifts and a roll of Sellotape. It's mocking me, that Sellotape is, I just know it is.
Very merry happy <insert most applicable winter-celebration-thing here> to all. Here's hoping the Groke doesn't get you.

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  1. LOL stomach bread. In my current obsession with all things Hannibal, I may need to make that.